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Africa is home to Abundant human talent and natural resources that are mostly unharnessed. The potential is huge for economic transformation and Growth for Africa through these readily available resources. The season and Time for Africa is now- it is indeed the Next Frontier. It will take a transformational kind of leadership to drive Africa into its next course as we, the citizens and friends of Africa, map out key strategies to push this great continent forward into sustainable prosperity.

The dream I have for Africa is that of Abundance - a People who are thriving socially, economically, politically and who are nurturing the environment to guarantee livelihood for the future generation.

My belief in Shared Prosperity dictates that there is enough to go round for all. Africa needs to be accountable for its solutions and take responsibility of its challenges. We need to take a lead in shaping the African narrative. It's time for us to pull together with our friends of Africa and global partners to realize the Potential of our human and natural resources.


  • Developing enabling environments for economic and social development through the government's and regional bodies of Africa and the world.
  • Igniting Innovation to bring ideas to market, ideas that will not only address social challenges in Africa but drive enterprise development for job and wealth creation.
  • Building strategic and collaborative partnerships between the private sector, development agencies, government, political and business leaders to draw in synergies and strengths of each strategic player in order to establish sustainable models for social, economic and environmental transformation of the continent.
  • Celebrating our milestones , successes and building on lessons learnt to continuously improve on our narrative and gains.
  • Leveraging on our youth's talents.
  • Ensuring inclusivity for all - women , people living with disabilities and the marginalized


What an exciting time to be involved in Africa's rising.


If you want to pay directly for the conference USE TILL NO 921977 and SMS your details and MPESA CODE TO 0703 942 009.

If you want to pay via the online website checkout e.g VIA MASTER CARD OR CREDIT CARD use the REGISTRATION LINK ON THE MENU and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE PAYMENT PAGE to avoid ERRORS. 


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Timeless Women COnference 2018

Timeless & Dynamic Services Ltd is a Kenyan owned organization whose vision is to positively influence the transformation of key drivers of the social and economic development of Africa through various innovative platforms.

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